News / Events

LLL Club Takes a Trip

On Tuesday, October 9, the LLL Club will take a trip to the foothills of the North Georgia mountains in search of freshly picked apples. The bus will leave the church at 9:30 am. The first stop will be a cafeteria in Blue Ridge, then on to Mercier Orchards, one of the most visited travel sites in the state. While we do not actually pick apples, we do have plenty of time to select apples from a dozen varieties and to shop in Mercier’s store. Here one can find just about any product made with apples, as well as a wide variety of other fruit and vegetable products.

Harvest Feast/Church Conference

On Sunday, October 28, everyone is invited to a delicious “Harvest Feast” following the worship service. What is a Harvest Feast? Well, it is a celebration of what God has allowed our farmers to grow and harvest. This year’s Harvest Feast will also serve as our church Thanksgiving meal. So, the menu will consist of all the traditional Thanksgiving foods. Sandra Hollis is in charge of the meal and she will enlist cooks to prepare certain dishes.

After the Harvest Feast is over, the quarterly church conference will be held. A number of business items will be discussed, with close attention being paid to the July, August, and September finance reports. Everyone is invited to both the Harvest Feast and to the church conference. Those who are not yet members of the church are welcome to attend both the meal and the conference. Non-members, however, are not allowed to vote on matters brought before the conference.

Christmas Stocking Project is Coming Up!

Every year our deacons lead the church in providing Christmas baskets of food for families and individuals in our community. For families with children, we also provide gift bags with small toys, personal grooming products, coloring books, school supplies, etc. A more complete listing of needs will be available later in October, but please keep this local mission project in mind.